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Time and time again Jeep has been named as one of the top 10 car makes with the best resale value.  It was won in multiple categories for many consecutive years.  This has a lot to do with the reliability of the cars and also the build quality behind Jeeps.  If you're looking to buy a pre-owned Jeep, check out our inventory below and schedule a test drive.





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Bright Silver Metallic Clearcoat
Dark Slate Gray/Medium Slate Gray
3.8L V6 205hp 240ft. lbs.
121,442 miles
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Reasons to Buy a Used Jeep

You have plenty of reasons in front of you to buy a used car. When it comes to Jeep you have all the more reasons to go for an old model rather than buy a new Jeep.

Delving deep into these various reasons we can find that there five main ones that will make you favor an older model to a newer one when it comes to the Jeep.

What are these five reasons?


Whenever you buy something especially when it involves spending thousands of dollars the price tag is the first that you consider. A car costs in thousands of dollars whether it is a new one or an old one. But when you buy an old one you save in thousands too. But for saving money wouldn’t you have to compromise on various factors? Yes, but not much. You may get some of the same features as in a new car that too spending less. So is this not a reason enough to pick an old Jeep over a new one.


Apart from paying for the vehicle you buy you have to bear other costs too. Insurance and registration costs have to be borne by the owner. But when it comes to an old car, the cost for these can be considerably less than for the new cars. This also helps you save a big amount. So you get to drive a Jeep on the roads with almost the same features of a new one but paying much less. Jeep has come out with flying colors here.

Fun factor

When it comes to fun factor or driving a car nothing can beat a Jeep vehicle. Even an old Jeep car can be more fun on the roads than the cars of other models. Jeep is the best car for fun loving people. So why pay more when you can get the same fun driving a car paying thousands of dollars less. So Jeep wins in the fun factor too.


One of the important factors to consider is depreciation. The value of a new car decreases much faster than an old car especially Jeep models. So when you sell your vehicle you may lose less when you sell your old Jeep car than when you sell a new car after a couple of years use. Here too and the old Jeep is the winner.

Many options

Like any car maker, Jeep also releases only one or two models per year. The maker of Jeep is no exception. A buyer insisting on buying only a new car has to choose between these two models whereas one who wishes to buy a used car has plenty of choices in front of him or her. This is because you may have several models from the previous years on display for you to have your pick. Now, what better reason can you have to go for an older model?


One of the best features of Jeep is its reliability. To get a vehicle that can be relied on in any condition Jeep is the best bet. When you are given a choice to select between an old Jeep model and a new car of some other make, a car enthusiast may say that you pick the Jeep for reliability though it is an old model. Such is the reputation of the Jeep. So here too it is Jeep all the way.

So don’t these reasons say that Jeep is the way to go? Of course.