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Looking for a great American truck or car? Today, there are over 12 auto manufacturers in the United States alone, making United States one of the largest in the automotive market. That means you have lots to choose from when it comes to American made cars and trucks. But out of all those auto manufacturers, which one has been in business and operating for over 100 years? If you guessed Ford, then you have guessed correctly.
History of Ford?
Ford has been in business and in operation for over 100 years. They were founded in 1903 by a famous man who went by the name of Henry Ford. Sounds familiar? Ford is known to have overcome many difficulties that many other automakers were not able to overcome. Ford is also the largest family owned and controlled company in the world. That alone says a lot about their company!
Why buy a ford?
Unlike many other brands out there, Ford has been around for over 100 years, something that is very rare. They have always been pumping out vehicles that were known to be rugged and durable and that stand the test of time. Not only were these cars rugged and durable but they were also able to pass the test of great quality and design. Ford was also one of the first automotive makers to buy into the hybrid design for vehicles. They truly are a "Green" company that are in it for the long haul. 

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Sterling Heights Ford
Ford Sterling Heights
But why go off of facts? If that is not enough then look at the hundreds of thousands of positive reviews out there. Ford is not around because they sell bad cars that people absolutely hate, but instead because they are able to continually please their customers time after time. These cars will live on forever. If you know a ford owner then why not go ask him and see what they have to say about their car, the odds are they are going to give you a review that will make you want to buy a ford right then and there.
Ford has been making cars and trucks for many decades. Most notable is the Ford F-150, a light duty pickup truck. But they have other trucks as well. They range from light duty to heavy duty to commercial grade vehicles. They also carry amazing cars and SUV’s if you’re not in the market for a pickup. There are so many options to choose from! So stop looking for a truck that might possibly please you and step into a Ford today! 
Where to buy?
Direct Cars is a great place to pick up your next ford. If you live in Shelby Township of Sterling heights then we are your Sterling Heights Ford Dealer. We have great Ford cars and trucks at amazing prices. Call us today for more information!