Sterling Heights Dodge

Are you looking for a used Dodge and are located in either Shelby Township or Sterling Heights? Why settle for something that you don't want. Direct Cars is your one stop shop for Sterling Heights Dodge and Ram and for Shelby Township. We treat our customers right and will do all that we can to make sure that when they leave our dealer they are completely satisfied.
Why Dodge?

 Lets start with a little history. Dodge is an american brand of automobiles that is part of the Chrysler Group. They are located in Auburn Michigan which is very close to us. But did you know that Dodge was not always an auto maker. Dodge originally started out as a parts supplier and assembler for other Detroit based automakers. It was only until 1915 that they actually started creating there own vehicles. In 1928 Dodge joined the Chrysler group. Throughout the 1970's Dodge vehicles mainly consisted of Trucks and Full sized vehicles. Though Dodge has hit many issues in the past we can see today that they are on the rise as a company, with better products coming out every year.
What is Ram?

Ram was formerly part of the Dodge group up until 2010. They started out a light truck but turned into a full sized pick up truck once they split from Dodge. Where did the name Ram come from though? In 1981 Dodge redesigned their line of pick up trucks and used a symbol of a Ram for them, from there on they picked up the name of Ram. All Rams have the symbol of a Ram on the front of the hood. Ram has also been named Truck of the year over 5 times! That alone says alot about a pick up truck. This is an amazing truck that you definitely will not want to miss out on. Come check out our inventory today!
Sterling Heights Dodge
Sterling Heights Ram
About Sterling Heights
Sterling Heights is a beautiful city located in Macomb County in Michigan. Sterling City is the second largest suburb in Metro Suburb and had a total population of about 129,699 as of 2010. The City is not a small city either is has a total area of about 36 square miles most of it being land. Another interesting thing is that parts of the Clinton River flow through the city of Sterling Heights. Come visit this amazing city today!